Friday, 1 May 2009

Time Flies When You're Wonky

It’s all been very quiet in the Land of the Shiny Stormer recently. Having failed to make the second meeting of the year on Easter Sunday with various aches and pains I’m now trying to get in a fit state the for next meeting on May 3rd and, as usual, failing miserably.

A quick update from the last blog : stripped the BSA electrics to try and find where the fault lie. Plug out, ignition on and a swift kick on the kickstart showed a single fat spark followed by a succession of random weak sparks ! Checked all the connections, tried again with the same result. It was no good, I would have to resort to reading the manual (something most chaps will never admit to!). After a bit of scouting around the internet the probable cause was found - out with the multimeter and confirmed the battery was showing just under 12 volts. Break out the spare, fully charged, battery and all is well once again.

The MRI scans show that I do indeed have a brain (much to the present Mrs. W’s, and numerous club members’, surprise) but also identified the root of my problems as being a ‘wonky’ neck (that’s a technical term apparently). The consultant suggested I take up swimming and forget about motorcycles but did admit that I wouldn’t do any further damage by continuing to race so I thanked him for his advice and decided to ignore it. Now awaiting physio / deep tissue massage to restore me to my former ‘racing snake’ glory.

Plans to embark on a get fit campaign between Easter and the May Bank Holiday hit a couple of problems. A ten day stomach bug, although doing wonders for my weight, didn’t help, followed by an overnight trip to France for a slap-up meal followed immediately by my monthly meeting with a couple of chaps for a session down the local pub. At this rate I’ll need to resort to those trousers you see advertised with the hidden elasticated ‘comfort’ waistband

That weekend was spent at Southwold with a couple of friends. For those of you unaware, Southwold is the home of Adnams, brewers of excellent Suffolk ale so it would have been churlish not to do my bit for the local economy and sample a good few pints. Although we walked miles (to pubs) each day I still managed yet another injury – this time to my wrist while trying to lever myself off a futon of all things – those Japanese have a lot to answer for! - if God (or whatever Supreme Being floats your boat) had meant us to sleep that close to the floor he wouldn't have let me grow to 6ft. 5ins.. Looks like strapping will be the order of the day on Sunday.

It's now Friday evening and I've just finished checking over both the bikes and we're ready to go. Will I make it, and if so will the bikes start? Will I bothered to take any photos? (yes I know it's boring without pretty pictures but I couldn't work out how to incorporate some of my MRI scans!) Tune in next week for the next 'exciting-ish' installment.

Toodle Pip