Friday, 16 September 2011

Still Alive and Kicking

Although I had previously ‘closed down’ this blog, a couple of people I bumped into were asking what the state of play was with regards to the Shiny Stormer and my ‘racing’ career so just a quick update for those of you that have nothing better to do than read hogwash such as this!

The Shiny Stormer has gone too a new home following the payment of an extraordinary amount of used £20 notes from where it will emerge once more onto the Pre65 Club’s tracks. I was worried that the new owner, who has a bit of a reputation for crashing, would not be the ideal candidate to keep the SS in the manner to which it had become accustomed but he assured me he would ride carefully and avoid all mud and nasty bumps. I will keep an eye on him at future meetings just to make sure he’s not twisting the throttle too hard!

Good luck to Dave, I hope the Shiny Stormer keeps him between the ropes and rubber side down.

The (T)rusty Transit has gone to that great scrap heap in the sky following a lack of interest from potential buyers. It could have been the faded paint, the rust, the lack of radio or all manner of things that put people off but the clincher for me would have been the stench in the load area from where a family of rats had made their home. Never mind. I piled as much rubbish as I could in the back without being too obvious and the nice man at the local scrap yard put it on the weighbridge and gave me a load of readies. Quite a result really as the van owed me nothing and a couple of years back I would have had to pay someone to take it away.

Having has three stents put in my coronary arteries in April, I expected to be able to return to the track for at least one more meeting aboard the mighty B50. Unfortunately it looks like I’m going to need a bit more metalwork inserted so this season will be a total write-off. Combined with the threat of physical violence from the Good Lady Wife, I feel it’s best to lay low for a while but who knows what 2012 will bring? The B50 meanwhile sits in the shed waiting, almost daring me to tinker with it, ready to burst into life if I as much rest a be-slippered foot on the kick-start. How long can I get away with not selling it? Will the GLW get wind of my cunning plan and thwart me once again? Will I ever be able to pass through airport security without setting off the alarms? Who knows and, more importantly, who cares?

Toodle Pip!