Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Comfy Slippers are Calling!

Not an easy one to write, this It ranks right up there with telling your child he can’t have that iPhone, or your wife they can’t have that Radley handbag – difficult and you just know it’s going to end in tears! Still, there comes a time in every rider’s life when they know they can’t get away with it any more and you have to face the reality of life.

Instead of this being the normal tale of the BSA failing to start, I now find myself in the situation where it’s my body that does not want to start! A couple of minor offs at the May meeting left me with a flare-up of the injuries from my infamous Tye Farm outing in 2006 and increasing pressure from all and sundry. When it takes longer to get over a minor spill than the gap between meetings, you know you have a ’challenge’. When you’re still buggered after two months, it’s your body’s way of telling you to give up!

So the time has come to hang up the goggles and body armour before I’m forced into choosing a mobility scooter! Much to the relief of the GLW and my manager at work, I have retired from racing. Despite no longer trundling around Marks Tey on a regular basis, I still make strange involuntary noises when I sit down and standing up is accompanied by a ten gun salute of cracking joints, so I have yet to reap the benefits! The idea of stopping the abuse of one’s body leading to a longer, healthier, life has yet to materialise but I have high hopes. Or perhaps my life will just seem longer!

So, what is to become of the Shiny Stormer? Well, I was tempted to use it on the road to try and get through the gridlock resulting from all the road-works in Southend but I’m guessing the police might just notice, so the Shiny Stormer is up for sale, along with the (T)rusty Transit. I must admit to hoping that no-one is interested and that by some miracle (most probably brought about through the drinking of a magical brown liquid brewed by Adnams!) my joints and nerves will regenerate and allow a return to the fray but, deep down, I do realise that isn’t going to happen. Not even if I lived in Southwold with a direct supply line to the brewery! My initial offering to the Club members at a slightly speculative price failed to gain any interest but I have now invited offers from within the Club before offering it to the Great Unwashed.

The BSA remains tucked up in the shed for the time being but will eventually go the way of the SS, most probably via one of the specialist web-sites but again I’m in no real hurry. I must admit to fancying one last blast over at the farm in Canewdon, just to check out the effect of all the work that was carried out over the winter. After all, what could possibly go wrong?

With the Shiny Stormer on it’s way and my retirement from involvement with the Pre65 Club (they’ll have to find a new newsletter editor after all!) this blog seems rather superfluous so this will be my last entry. Thank you to those that have read, and occasionally commented in private on, my ranting. I hope I haven’t upset too many people and may even have persuaded a few of you to have a go yourself – if you do, the SS is advertised on the Pre65 forum (hint, hint!)

I’m off to dedicate myself to good food, beer and wine – I may even start a foodie blog (www.cumbscravat.blogspot.com may get you somewhere near!) so I can satisfy my perverse need to see my stilted prose in print. In the meantime, enjoy life, it’s not a rehearsal!

Toodle Pip!


Earl Puckett said...

Mike, I hate to see you go. I have greatly enjoyed reading your blog. You are a gifted and witty writer that will be missed. Good luck in all your endeavors.
Earl Puckett
Durham N.C.

Mike Westley said...

Thanks Earl, us Stormer riders obviously must stick together!